School Supplies

The Spirit Store carries a variety of school supplies such as: notebooks, folders, binders, pens, pencils, paper, graph paper, calculators, rulers, protractors, erasers, glue sticks, highlighters, flash drives, index cards, poster board, locker locks (See below), Chromebook covers, and more!

Student IDs 

Your ID photos will be taken during the first day of school

Your ID cards will be distributed during the first day of school

• Your first ID is included in your activity fee. 

• There is a $6 charge for replacement ID’s. Replacement IDs can be obtained in the Spirit Store and can be purchased or charged to the student account.


• Locker assignments will be included with your class schedule.

• Locks may be purchased for $6.00 (new) and $3.00 (used-while supplies last)* at the Spirit Store.

Remember, that only school locks may be used on school and athletic lockers.

• Locker supplies such as shelves and mirrors are available in the store.

        *Price subject to change

Parking Permits

Parking permits must be purchased before you can begin parking on campus! Parking without a permit puts you at risk for having your car booted and receiving a citation. 

• Permits are available for $20. Please note spaces are limited and parking on campus is a privilege! On campus parking provides a secure place for your students vehicle.  Please drive and park responsibly!

• Permit contracts are currently available via our website! Students will complete and submit the form online and then come to the store to pay for and pick up the pass.  


Let us know if there is something you are looking for and would like us to carry in the store!



























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